Group Sessions

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Welcome to a community of like-minded people who want to learn & implement easy and simple changes that will have a positive impact into transforming how they feel every day.


There is so much information available to us online and in the media, and we are constantly getting diet advice from everyone.
In these programs, you will learn how nutrition can be a powerful support for your body needs, how to optimize sleep, stress and achieve a healthier lifestyle and to become self-empowered and confident with your food choices.


As a Registered Nutrition Therapist, I will guide you through accurate and evidence based information combining some nutrition, sleep and lifestyle strategies.

These group sessions are a great way to increase your knowledge & understanding of healthy eating, and will teach you skills that you can implement easily along the way. During the session you will be provided with practical tips and resources which you can use to start making positive lifelong changes.


Mindful Nutrition & Gut Health

3 Session (60min each)

Dates available:

17, 24 & 31 May

20, 27 June & 4 July

100 € for three sessions - 3 hours total

Yoga by the Sea

Brain health - Sleep and Stress Workshop

2 Session (90min each)


26 April - 03 May


1 - 8 Juin 

100 € for two sessions - 3hours total

Women Running
Image by Markus Spiske

Women's Health & Liver detox Workshop

1 hour session with Q&A

New dates pending, send me an email to be on the top of the waitlist! 

Nutrition for  Training & Performance Workshop

1 hour session with Q&A

Dates available:

27 April or 26 May

30 €

  • All sessions are LIVE over Zoom

  • If you can't make the schedule, no problem, all sessions are recorded

  • You will receive materials such as videos, handouts and recipes.

  • Group program in French or English

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Absolutely loving this workshop, it's a great combination of theory and practical examples that help you kick start 'mindful' eating.

Kim from Portugal, January 2022

A great way to learn about nutrition and lifestyle! Convenient online classes, fun to exchange with other participants and useful to get answers and handouts from Karelle in between 2 sessions.

Lau from Singapore, March 2022