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Corporate Wellness

Cooking Tools

This is a great opportunity to extend some practical and achievable nutritional tips with your teams or employees wherever they are located.

Some of topic that I have available,

  • Nutritional and Wellness Strategies

  • Women’s Health & Hormones

  • How to compose healthy meals

If you are a coach, corporate, a triathlon or cycling club who are interested in extending their knowledge about performance, recovery or optimizing healthy eating habits feel free to reach out, I would gladly plan a tailor a workshop for you.  



Control Risks is a global risk and strategic consulting firm specializing in political, security and integrity risk.

Coached is a personalised training programme that helps runners and triathletes to optimise, track and enjoy their training.

The Women's Cycling project was founded by Martin Choo and Lizzie Hodges he promote women’s cycling in within Singapore communities to allow ladies to ride together in a safe and friendly environment.


Empower Fitness is a fitness company built to be completely client-focused.


Women For Tri Program to support women in all distance triathlon in Singapore communities

Get in Touch

For more information or to book a corporate service please get in touch by clicking the button below.

Your journey into wellness starts now.

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