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Nutrition & Fueling your performance

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to refresh ourselves with nutrition strategies as a support of your training or racing goals later this year. 


This workshop is for both Male and Female athletes who which to understand better about nutrition and performance either either long term athletes or newbies! 


I have put together this workshop taking in considerations common questions that I have received from athletes over the years

  • Training consistently but not loosing weight

  • Confused about pre/during and after nutrition 

  • How can I improve my recovery

  • Getting tired and fatigue during peak weeks of training 

  • Binge eating at the end of the afternoon

  • Nutrition strategy for long distance races 

  • Experience of gastrointestinal discomfort during a race 

I will bring clarity on most of those points along with discussing the following topics: 

  • Fueling & Hydration for training  

  • Lab testing for performance (lactate test, Vo2 Max... )

  • Functional testing for Nutritional deficiencies or stress test. 

  • We will discuss lifestyle and nutrition strategies

This session is easy to understand, yet empowering! You will receive handouts, link to further expand your knowledge and lots of recipes to implements! 


  • Each sessions are 1 hour + Q&A

  • Each sessions are recorded and you will receive the recording

  • Online so available from the comfort of your own home.  

  • Workshops are available in French (message for dates)

  • 20€ for the session



Thursday 10th August 

12pm London time 

1pm Paris time 

2pm Doha/Dubai

7pm Singapore time

Camille, France,

April 2022

Karelle is definitely passionate about cycling and nutrition, thus having a real knowledge of the challenges related to the practice and the diet during the effort. The advice provided is personalized, realistic and easy to put into practice in daily life, which is - from my point of view - a real differentiation with other professionals. Authentic and with an exceptional personality, I recommend with my eyes closed!

Sean, Singapore 

January 2023

I did this course last year and found it very good! A good chance to not only hear how everything fits together but to ask the questions your may have always wondered about. I would highly recommend and the price being offered here is great!

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