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Mindful Nutrition Workshop Series

As a registered Nutrition Therapist, I will guide you through accurate and evidence based information combining some nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

First of all, you can rest easy knowing that Mindful Nutrition Workshop Series are not going to be about restriction. Yes, it’s going to encourage eating gut-nourishing foods that best support your body and ultimately make you a better athlete, but it’s about a lot more than that.
You’ll learn to become a person who easily makes choices to be healthy without having to really think too hard about it.
You’ll find that what you are learning during Mindful Nutrition Workshop Series is incredibly easy to incorporate into your life. You won’t have to forgo social situations or feel anxiety about going out for dinner.
Mindful Nutrition is going to teach you to form healthy habits that are backed by nutritional science. 
When you have the right foundation, good health and feeling good overall becomes effortless. 🎉


A couple of days before each session, you will receive some pre session materials, video, quiz or review to familiarise yourself with the next session topic.

After each session, you will then receive handouts, recipes and some valuable key points to implement at home no matter where you are at in your nutrition journey!

What do you get? 

  • 4 Unique Nutrition workshops  

  • 4 weeks of Meal plans

  • Each sessions are 1 hour + Q&A

  • Each sessions are recorded and you will get the recording the next day

  • Each week you will receive handouts, recipes, weekly Meal Plan and/or videos,

  • Online so available from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Small groups 

  • Workshops are available in French (message for dates)

  • 80€ instead of 100€ - Early bird until 1st December 2023

 Here are the detail of each sessions.  


Understand blood sugar and how to best combine macronutrients/micronutrients for day to day nourishing and balanced meals


Discussing the fascinating gut health and how to promote a healthy gut with Fiber, probiotics and Fermented foods. 


Identifying stress and stressors. Optimising sleep with nutrition and lifestyle interventions to balance stress and promote sleep quality.


Gain skills and knowledge for on and off the bike with confidence for performance recovery and body composition.



Wednesday 10/17/24 & 31st January 2024

12pm London time 

1pm Paris time 

3pm Dubai time 

8pm Singapore time

“Absolutely loving this workshop series, it's a great combination of theory and practical examples that help you kick start 'mindful' eating. ”​

Karelle approached it with encouragement and curiosity. She is exceptionally knowledgeable but never forced her perspective.. simply encouraged us to become aware of how to nourish our bodies and to eat mindfully. Not always easy but I have taken away some great personal and applicable nuggets! Thanks

“A great way to learn about nutrition and lifestyle! Convenient online classes, fun to exchange with other participants and useful to get answers and handouts from Karelle in between 2 sessions.”​

Kim, Portugal,


Claire, Canada

November 2022

Laurence, France,

March 2022

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Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation 15 minute telephone call to discuss your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.

Your journey into wellness starts now.

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