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You may have questions before booking your first consultation, as such, I would suggest you book a free 15 minute phone consultation so that we can discuss how a nutrition programme may help you with your health goals. 

Once you have booked in for your initial appointment, I will send you a Health questionnaire for me to have a good understanding of your needs. 

Booking your Consultation

All new clients begin with an initial nutrition consultation which typically takes between 60-90 minutes. During this time we will set clear goals and discuss in depth your current symptoms; physical activities; stress level; eating habits; medical and health history; nutritional supplements.


I will offer explanations on what may be contributing to your symptoms and imbalances. Finally, taking into consideration your health goals and lifestyle demands, we will together make a nutritional plan which you should find achievable and manageable to help support you in the first step of your journey. ​​​​​

When relevant, it may be necessary to do some functional testing to help gain a better understanding.

Initial Consultation

Follow Up Consultation

During follow up sessions, we will we review your plan and discuss what worked and what may need to be changed.

We will also review any potential new symptoms, discuss any functional test results and adjust your nutritional and lifestyle programme accordingly.

When relevant, it may be necessary to do some functional testing which will help in gaining a deeper understanding of possible clinical imbalances and will allow for an effective tailored nutrition plan. Test can be delivered to your home anywhere in the world.  


Comprehensive stool analysis

Dutch Test (Sex & Stress Hormones )

Vitamins & Nutrients (Metabolomix) etc

Functional Testing

Book your 1:1 Consultation, Now! 

You can book your 15-minute discovery call or your initial appointment by emailing me as well any other questions you may have..

Client Testimonials


The RebElles, Women Cycling Team, Singapore 

J’aime l’approche globale de Karelle : il n’est pas question de chiffres (manger 100g de ci ou 50g de ca) mais plus d’une philosophie différente (wellness plate, prendre le temps de manger), Hygiene de vie (sleep, circadian circle…), repartition des repas pendant la journee, ajout des snacks proteines… J’aime beaucoup que Karelle donne des recettes a essayer, adaptées a mes besoins.

Je ne suis pas fan des supplements, surtout sur une longue periode.

En mettant en oeuvre tout ca (supplements compris…) je dois dire que je me sens bien au quotidien et dans le sport. J’ai repris le training doucement apres le lock down et d’une façon un peu différente et j’ai intensifié les sessions au fur et a mesure.

Et ca marche plutôt bien quand je vois que je suis en forme sur le vélo et a la gym!

Client Testimonials

The RebElles, Women Cycling Team, Singapore

Gaelle was looking to improve energy with food whilst training for specific cycling goals.  
"Karelle has been tremendously helpful in this journey. She has been always very attentive to feedbacks and tweaked recommendations every sessions"

Would you recommend Karelle Laurent Nutrition to a friend or colleague? "Absolutely"

Client Testimonials

Vice President, IT Software Company Asia, Singapore

"Karelle is an excellent practitioner, with many life experiences and successes to back up her advice.  Great listener, always gets the feedback right, adds in additional recommendations or changes approach based on what I say. 


I would absolutely recommend Karelle to friends and colleagues."

Client Testimonials

Charlene Tang
Triathlon coach & multiple 70.3 Ironman world qualifier, Singapore

"Karelle was very thorough and detailed in her approach - from gathering pre-existing information and background, asking good probing questions about challenges I was facing with nutrition, to building a clear road map on how I was going to achieve my nutrition goals and eventually successfully implementing it.


She has a good understanding of my needs and priorities as a triathlete, and always made sure we were on the same page in terms of setting out practical ways to improve my fueling needs. Communication with Karelle was made easy with her warm, approachable nature, and I always felt supported by her.

Thank you Karelle, you've been (and will continue to be!) an essential part of my triathlon journey."

Client Testimonials

Cyclist, MD & South East Asia Legal, WW Freight Company

"How has Karelle Laurent Nutrition helped you with your goal of gaining weight, improving digestion and sleep ?


Karelle was very kind, patient, a good listener and not forcing me to eat foods that I don’t enjoy. Taking baby steps with respect to fruit and vegetable intake was important to me.


Karelle gave me great tips on stress management and sleep which was helping me really monitor and manage my overactive adrenal gland.


I would absolutely recommend Karelle to friends and colleagues."

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