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Women's Health

Are you experiencing Pre Menstrual Symptoms or are you in Peri-Menopause?

Are you losing motivation to accomplish your morning routine?

Despite exercising or changing your diet, are you still struggling to lose weight? 

Does it feel like you’re putting in a lot more effort when you exercise but seeing fewer results compared to before? 

Are you experiencing disturbed sleep, or a decrease in your performance?

Change what you eat, change how you feel

Our hormones change throughout our lives, and play such an important role for our mind and body to function well.  

Working together I will guide you with nutritional advice to support and optimise your hormones and feel strong. 


During my Women’s Health Program, through functional medicine and hormone testing when needed, we will get a clear picture of where you are now, and I will personalise your nutritional plan towards your goals. 


I am a certified Dutch Test Practitioner and have worked with hundreds of women to successfully support them on their health and wellness journey. 


What ever stage of life you’re in, working together I will advise you and guide you through this journey to living a healthier life, and not let the hormones get the better of you!

If this resonate to you, come work with me towards your health and fitness goals.

I provide you with practical advice to make the right nutrition choices that you can apply everyday.

Contact me today to start your wellness journey with me.  

Client Testimonials

" I came to Karelle to see if improving my nutrition and calorie intake would help regulate my menstrual cycle and female health. Changes around when I ate and how frequently made an impact so quickly I ended up pregnant a few months later :) We continued working together postpartum to help me bounce back to racing and to balance breastfeeding, training, work and general life. I cannot recommend Karelle enough! " 



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