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Karelle Laurent

Nutrition Therapist


I am french and a mother of two. I am (also) lucky enough to call Portugal my home. I am a registered nutrition therapist I have a clinic and I offer 1 – 1 consultations to client to support them with their performance and health goals. I also offer group sessions online to clients based in Singapore, France or the UK and here in Portugal.


Owner of Karelle Laurent Nutrition

As a registered Nutrition Therapist, I will guide you through accurate and evidence based information combining some nutrition and lifestyle strategies. I will work closely with the Chef in Quinta do Freixo to offer you meal which are nourishing and showcase delicious selection of Portuguese best meals. Should you need any dietary requirements or adjustment preferences we will offer options for each day. 

You will be receive three incredibly insightful and easy access Nutrition Talk during the week for you to take home some valuable key points to implement home no matter where you are at in your nutrition journey! Here is an example of Nutrition Talk:

Gain skills and knowledge for on and off the bike with confidence for performance recovery and body composition.

Nutrition for Performance

Identifying stress and stressors. Optimising sleep with nutrition and lifestyle interventions to balance stress and promote sleep quality.

Sleep & Stress
What's on my Plate

Understand blood sugar and how to best combine macronutrients/micronutrients for day to day nourishing and balanced meals

Discussing the fascinating gut health and how to promote a healthy gut with Fiber, probiotics and Fermented foods.

Gut Health
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